Dock Billets

Cepod Billets

Cepod BilletsThese top-of-the-line billets are available up to 24 feet by 4 feet by 24 feet and offer the most durable service of all the floatation choices. They are a foam block covered with heavy 60mm polyurethane sheet and welded airtight with plastic extrusion guns. A brutally tough product that will last a lifetime. The bonus to this style of billet also far exceeds its sturdy design, unlike the older style of raw foam in the water this will not break apart into small pieces and pollute your waterfront with white pebbles. Sea life is also known to grow in large amounts on the tradition Styrofoam billets and over time the foam will absorb water as well as take on exceptional weight in sea growth on it and can make you float sink lower on one side.
These are standard sizes but custom billets are available:
1' x 1.5' x 8' 1' x 2' x 8'
1.5' x 2' x 8 2' x 2' x 8'
2' x 2.5' x 8' 2' x 3' x 8'
2' x 4' x 8' lengths 8', 16', 24'
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