Concrete Docks


Concrete DockWhy are the West Coast Floatation Systems Ltd. Concrete Dock Systems, Vastly Superior to our competitors?  Simple, One Piece “Bullet Proof” Frames.  We use custom milled Douglas Fir 6”X8”/6”X6” /4”X6” Main Frame Timbers up to 50’ in length.  No splice or joints to work loose or fail.  One Tree makes one Timber, full length, no joints.  These incredibly tough Dock Frames are the back bone of the System, providing the foundation needed to produce a superior product, the finest aquatic support systems in North America. With this frame we are able to offer many choices for decking.  If you are looking for the appearance of a concrete dock we offer many styles of concrete and custom concrete panels to place on top to give you the durability of concrete with the look of wood dock.    



Concrete Dock


We also offer the finest in quality concrete topped  docks with one solid pour. You get our one piece "Bullet Proof" Frame with top of the line Dura floatation with a beautifully finished concrete deck. This style of dock is great for heavy use dock systems that take more wear and tare over the years. They make great work platforms for marine work that requires a solid working area. If the idea of a wood on your dock isn't what you are looking for we offer our solid concrete float system, a one peace custom built float. All our concrete work is done on a 50'X100' work plat form that we are able to sink under the water and float the finished product out to its new home. This system is superior to all land locked concrete dock manufactures as theres no need to have lift and move the product around with machinery that may damage or weaken the float.

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Concrete Docks