Boat Dock
Boat Docks
All of our Boat Docks are finished to perfection with 2”X12” Douglas Fir skirt boards, 4”X6”/4”X4” Tie Rails and Cleats.  All hand routered and finished to provide the ultimate in Esthetics....Read More 
 concrete dock
Concrete Docks
Why are the West Coast Floatation Systems Ltd. Concrete Dock Systems, Vastly Superior to our competitors?  Simple, One Piece “Bullet Proof” Frames.  We use custom milled Douglas Fir 6”X8”/6”X6” /4”X6” Main Frame Timbers up to 50’ in length....Read More 
 Dock drawings
Dock Drawings
We have listed for your convenience several different configurations and dock designs to assist you in designing your personal floatation system.  West Coast Floatation Systems....Read More
 Econo Dock
Econo Docks
West Coast Floatation Systems Economy Docks can be designed to supply specific needs and can be tailored to your budget.  We will work with you to come up with a floatation system to fit your budget....Read More
 Dock Decking
Dock Decking
We have dock ramp decking material to meet any of your requirements, from beautiful pressure treated lumber  or choose any of our top of the line aluminum grate decking...Read More
 Steel Pontoon Dock
Steel Pontoon Dock
West Coast Floatation Systems Steel Pontoon docks are used in extremely rugged locations.  The pontoons come in 24" 30" and 42" diameter sizes with a 3/16 to 3/8 wall thickness. These floats are indestructible under normal conditions. Custom pricing is required on each system....Read More
 Wooden Dock
Wooden Dock
All Wood Docks can be custom quoted to fit any situation regardless of location or requirements from Light Weight Lake Floats to Heavy Residential, Commercial and Industrial Docks.  We provide the expertise in Concept....Read More