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NEW SERVICE-Float Home Rehabilitation
September 28th, 2011 West Coast Floatation
Does your floatation look  like its breeding ocean growth  or have the otters made a home under yours?
Either way at West Coast Floatation systems we recognize the need for efficient easy and environmentally friendly floatation replacement. Over time older floatation can take on water and sea growth changing the way your dock or float home floats on the water. The older open cell foam billets leave little white beads floating around that pollute our shores and ocean, many areas have now ban the use of that type of billet making people move their homes to areas that still allow them. As traditionally the only way people use to to replace them would be with divers and billet sinkers, a very costly and slow method of replacing billets. Here at West Coast Floatation Systems we remove you float home or dock from the the water on a sinking barge so we can get a good look  at what is going on, sometimes the replacement of beams or support systems is necessary and this allows us to remove your old dirty billets with out polluting the waters around us and in a safe and easy means.
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