Common Terminology 


Dock - floating platform

Pier - a platform suspended on pilings or concrete legs

Walkway - the wooden or aluminum walking area leading to the ramp or walkway

Gangway - a plank or trussed Aluminum Bridge leading usually for shore or walkway down to the dock.

Sona Column - a concrete column that is used to support walkways and/or piers

Pilings - steel pipe or wooden logs driven into the bottom of a leg of ocean that is used to suspend decks, house for secure dock in the place

Ramp - the trussed aluminum bridge between the shore or Pier head and the floating dock

Pier Head - the wooden, steel or concrete abutment at the farthest point from land where the ramp usually attaches.

Mezzanine Deck - a deck usually at the end of the Pier used for storage off dolly’s, wheelbarrow or for taking afternoon tea in the sun

Counter Balanced Ramps - a system using concrete weights to raise the ramp of the dock in the horizontal position when not in use

Gantry - a series of tall poles on either side of the ramp and cable running over the poles from the far end of the ramp to a winch to raise the end lower the ramp


Anatomy of a Dock

Tie Rails - 4x4 or 4x6 railing running lengthwise for boat tie ups.

Cleat - a steel mooring fastener.


Radius edge pressure treated
2x6 pressure treated
Concrete panel
Non slip aluminum

Skirt board - a 2x12 skirting around the dock

Sub frame - 6x6 / 4x6 / 6x8 Depending on model, the frame immediately below the decking.

Flotation billets - the modular devices used to float the dock or structure.
        (rotary moulded plastic billets foam filled)